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Empowering Women Exhibition Speech

Thank you to my partner for being my rock and giving me the encouragement to keep at it. Thank you to all my amazing volunteers, I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you to everyone for coming, I am really touched and honoured you are here. I started this project because I believed women including myself need to be more proud of who we are as we are and not let society dictate who or what we should be or what we should look like. Media portrays a lot of false representations about how we should be as women

Empowering Women Project Update

What a journey this has been. I’m about halfway through and loving every minute of it. I love seeing a woman’s inner beauty come through the lens…their resilience, strength, passion and grace. I have to say though the ultimate high for me as always, is seeing these women respond to their photographs and prints for the first time. To those waiting for the next round of portrait session dates, thank you for your patience. Keep an eye out as I’ll be emailing dates by mid week.

Empowering Women Project

I am so excited!!! I’ve had this idea for my Empowering Women Project for over a year now and I am now ready to charge forward with it (that’s my new mantra – ‘keep charging forward’!) I wanted to create black and white photographs that are raw, authentic and real for women as they are without makeup. There are so many women out there using filters on their photos for social media to cover up who they really are or hide behind makeup thinking ‘now I look better’. Don’t get me wrong I admire women who do amazing makeup especially eye makeup but what does