Empowering Women Project

I am so excited!!! I’ve had this idea for my Empowering Women Project for over a year now and I am now ready to charge forward with it (that’s my new mantra – ‘keep charging forward’!) I wanted to create black and white photographs that are raw, authentic and real for women as they are without makeup.

There are so many women out there using filters on their photos for social media to cover up who they really are or hide behind makeup thinking ‘now I look better’. Don’t get me wrong I admire women who do amazing makeup especially eye makeup but what does this really do for our self esteem?

When you see your photographs for the first time I want you to embrace your beauty as you are, inside and out, so you can see your self worth. By accepting who we are we can be at peace with ourselves. I believe to find peace in this world and make it a better place it starts with you first.

So let’s have some fun! Come and join my project and start your journey of self discovery. I would love to meet you, photograph you and change how you see yourself. Contact me here to join my project ‘Empowering Women’.

What it involves: 1. Two hour Portrait Session at my studio on a week day, no makeup with your clothes (I will help with the clothing selection). 2. Sign an agreement to give me permission to use photographs for advertising. 3. Reveal Appointment after to select your 7 x 10 inch mated thank you gift print (includes web digital file) with the option to purchase more however there is no obligation to do so. 4. Share insight about your experience with a testimonial.

Don’t worry about knowing what to do or how to pose, that’s my job!

Click this link here to get involved in my ‘Empowering Women Project’.

Mel x