The “Empowering Women Portrait Experience” is not about a makeup transformation, but a celebration of the TRUE YOU, being present with yourself and taking time out for you whilst being guided by me into different poses and moves in front of my camera.

Yes, you are doing this for YOU!

My mission is to show YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are RIGHT NOW.  I see the female form as art no matter the shape or size.  There is no such thing as being photogenic, it is my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  This is when your real light shines and the magic starts to happen.

You will feel like a model in the most fun and gentle way.  It is about embracing who you are, your inner beauty and building confidence.  Connecting with people is my jam and I am naturally curious about who you are deep down…this is what I want to capture for you.

This will be a new world of feeling beautiful, proud and confident with no makeup.

The women you see on my gallery are not professional models, they are women just like you who are guided by me in every pose.  With my positive and comfortable space your nerves will just drop away. You don’t need to know how to pose or move in front of the camera, all you have to do is just turn up and leave the rest to me…I dare you.

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up” – Brené Brown

Step 1: Book Your Session

Book in for your session here. Once you have done that, you will receive a preparation guide for your experience. I will also email a short questionnaire that helps me get to know you a little more and what you are hoping to get out of your portrait experience.

Part of your planning is starting a vision board of photographs you love.

Step 2: Phone Consultation & Planning

Let’s have a chat so I can get to know you better!  I will go through what to wear, how to prepare for the photo shoot and discuss any concerns you may have.  We will also chat about the style of photography you are after e.g. silhouettes, movement, natural posing, closeups. 

Step 3: Optional Add On – Pre Shoot Styling and Wardrobe Consultation with Emma

I have brought in Emma K Willmann, a style coach and personal stylist, for those who would love to work with a professional wardrobe stylist.

Emma will assist you via a video chat to go through your wardrobe and select your two outfits you wear for your shoot.  Emma styles women based on personality, core identity and how you want to see yourself, so rest assured that she is going to have you looking and feeling your best.  

Step 4: The Photo Shoot

At my studio we will go through your chosen outfits and discuss the style of photography to suit your clothing.

With my positive and comfortable space your nerves will just drop away.

I’ll play music, your playlist or mine.

We will laugh, chat and get to know each other more.

I’ll guide you how to pose and express yourself, I work within your body’s limits. I’m also for spontaneous moments too, these are also beautiful.

You will have so much fun discovering what you capable of in front of the camera.

I’ll provide snacks and water, catering to all dietary needs.

And we’ll high five at the end – you did it (and really enjoyed it)!

Step 5: In Person Ordering Appointment

This happens two weeks after your shoot and quite honestly, no exaggerating, is a jaw dropping experience.

Back in my studio you will see your stunning photographs for the first time!

Select your favourites from your slide show.

You get to decide how to print your beautiful photographs e.g. album, portrait box and/or wall art.

I will assist you with what size print will suit your wall space in your home.

Finalise your order with payment.

Finally, you collect your order 4 weeks later.

Step 6: Hold your head high!

You have been celebrating you. You now know you are enough, and you are everything!

You will have new-found courage because you embraced fear by showing up for your experience.  You allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is having the courage to show up and be seen.

As Brené Brown states “what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful”.

What my client’s say

“Mel’s, approach to the photography session is to understand both the things that you are comfortable about yourself and the things you are not. She has such a supportive way or exploring what you are going to do in the session that you feel very comfortable. It is obvious from the moment that you arrive that she has prepared for the session but there is no feeling that the session being just an automated process she works with you to bring the best out of what you would like to show the world. Then she start’s taking photos and the magic starts! I highly recommend every woman regardless of where she is in her life taking a few hours out to just be herself and get Mel to show the world the real you” ~ Miss T
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