Mel WattThat’s me on the left, and my younger sister, on the right. How cute were we?! Now I’m a portrait photographer 35 years later and a favourite aunty to my sister’s daughter and son, who I just adore.

My mum gave me this photo and I feel so lucky to be able to look back on us
snuggled in together, remembering how tiny we once were.

That is what I love about photography, being able to look back on old photos of my family and friends, being reminded of wonderful times together and what life is really all about.

Imagine sitting around with your family and friends…..

That is what I want photography to be about for you and your family – the importance your children will place on your photos when they are older.


Associate Member of AIPP
Brisbane Children’s Photographer
Diploma of Photo Imaging 2009

What I am proud of……
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Finalist QLD Professional Travel Photographer of the Year 2016
1 Silver Distinction & 2 Silvers awards QPPA 2016
1 Silver award APPA 2015
Finalist International Loupe Photojounalism Award 2014
1 Silver Distinction and 1 Silver award  APPA 2014
1 Silver award QPPA 2014
2 Silver awards APPA 2013
1 Silver distinction and 4 Silver awards QPPA 2013
Associate member of AIPP 2012
2 Silver awards APPA 2012
1 Silver distinction and 3 Silver awards APPA 2011
1 Silver distinction and 2 Silver awards QPPA 2011
1 Silver award QPPA 2010
1 Silver award APPA 2009
1 Silver award QPPA 2009
Highly commended Student folio AIPP 2009
Highly commended St George Green Dragon Art prize 2009