Australian Professional Photography Awards, 2014

The Australian Professional Photography Awards is an annual event that makes us photographers very excited and nervous at the same time. When you see your print come around for the judges to judge and give their score I can hear my heart beat in my head and I swear everyone else can too.  This year I got to see a judge talk one of my images up from a Silver to a Silver Distinction.  It is hard to describe the emotion you feel when you get to witness the agreement from the other judges.  And yes it is the image of the gorgeous little girl and her beautiful dogs.brisbane_kids_photographer_5

I now have 5 points towards my ‘ Master of Photographer’  title, five points to go.  To receive this ribbon, you need to achieve it within a 5 year period.  One silver receives one point.  I have two years left to achieve this, otherwise points start to drop off.  I have lots of ideas for creative portraits, so if you are keen to be involved let me know….it is a lot of fun.  And last but not least, the other image of the woman in Bolivia received a Silver Award.  I sat in this spot in a little village for about an hour capturing the locals passing by.   Besides this woman having an interesting profile, I loved the graphic elements in this image.

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  1. They are both fabulous images Mel. I feel nostalgic looking at the Bolivian one!

    Congratulations on your success at the awards, especially the silver distinction – that is very impressive!

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