My life on the farm

I love to share old photos. I love that warm fuzzy feeling you get when they take you back in time…..whether it be my pets (fluffy’s mum was a wild cat my dad found hiding in an old drum) or playing with my sister with our goats on the farm.  I found these photos whilst packing up my nana’s house for her move to her new home in Cooktown’s nursing home, such a treasure find.


  1. Katherine (from work) - May 20, 2014 at 10:38 pm · Reply

    Wow! I love old photos 🙂 and can totally relate to the warm fuzzy feeling! Love the vintage colours they produce too. Saaah prettttty!! Ps. I’m guessing you’re the one with the beanie?

  2. Hey Katherine, old photos are so much fun. Unfortunately you are wrong, I am the one without the beanie, my sister was such a cutie x

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